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Pulsed spectrometry neutron gamma-ray logging tool AIMS

ÀÈÌÑ The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature Tmax and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax
  by temperature: 120 °C,
  by pressure: 80 MPa.
Designed to measure energy spectra of neutron inelastic scattering and radiation capture for the purpose of rocks mineral composition identification in oil and gas well sections including determination of current oil saturation.

Used for open and cased holes filled with any mud, operates with a three-conductor logging cable up to 7000 m long.

 determination of current and residual oil saturation in terrigenous and carbonate sections;
 identification of water encroachment intervals;
 well section lithological identification.

 Measured parameters Range Error
Hydrocarbon volume 2÷40 % ±2 %


General specifications
Tool length, mm 3600 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 89 not more than
Diameter of the tool with a displacing collar, mm 110 not more than
Tool weight, kg 90 not more than
Power supply
supply voltage, V
frequency, Hz


Logging speed, m/hr 40÷60  
Combinability feed-through  
Location in the borehole free  
Vertical resolution, mm 700  
Investigation zone diameter, mm 400  
Neutron generation frequency, kHz 10  
Generator service life, hr 200 not less than
BGO scintillation detector, mm 56×130  
137Cs line resolution, % 12 not more than
Quantity of energy channels  256÷1024  
Quantity of amplitude-time spectra up to 23  
Quantity of time spectrum channels 64÷256  
"Dead time", msec 0.8 not more than
Scale integral nonlinearity, % 3 not more than