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Pulsed neutron logging tool AINK


The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature Tmax and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax :
  by temperature: 120°C,
  by pressure: 80 MPa. 
Designed for measurements using pulsed neutron gamma-ray logging (PNGR) and induced oxygen activity logging (IOAL) methods by gamma ray time spectra recording according to two sondes in 64 time channels with simultaneous recording of casing collar locator (CCL), temperature inside the tool, tool head voltage.

Used for open and cased holes logging; the tool operates on tree-conductor logging cable up to 7000m long.

 current oil saturation determination in oil fields with mineralized formation water;
 gas-liquid contact identification;
 rocks porosity evaluation;
 well section lithological identification;
 well technical condition control (presence of behind-the-casing flows and places of water entry into the string). 

The measuring equipment contains chamber for neutron encapsulated source The tool has two sondes (long sonde and short sonde) which are located at two distances from the neutron pulsed source. As a source of neutrons with energy of 14 MeV we use ING-101T/BT neutron pulsed generator. Neutron output (at neutron pulse generation frequency of 10 Hz) is – 0.5×108 neutron/sec. NaJ(T1) detectors are scintillation detectors.


Measured parameters Range Error
ER of natural gamma radiation for 2INNK 0÷250 mR/h ±15 %
Neutron-capture cross-section 3÷30 c.u. 2.5 %
Casing collar location when the tool passes the casing collar the signal strength increases not less than by a factor of five.

General specifications
Tool length, mm 4485 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 76 not more than
Tool weight, kg 80 not more than
Power supply:
supply voltage, V
frequency, Hz

= 150±5 V,
30 mA


Neutron generator current consumption  at pulse frequency of 10 Hz, mA

Logging speed, m/hr 120÷130  
Combinability bottom  
Location in the borehole free