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Microlog and microlaterolog tool MK-BMK


The tool has the following modifications by max operating temperature T max and upper value of borehole hydrostatic pressure Pmax :
  by temperature: 120, 150, 175, 200 °С,
  by pressure: 80, 100, 120, 140 МPа.
Designed for oil and gas well logging using microlog (ML) and microlaterolog (MLL) techniques with simultaneous measurement of pad arms opening diameter.

Used in the open oil and gas holes filled with water-base mud; the tool operates with a three-conductor carrying logging cable up to 7000m long and log recorders that provide for command transfer and data receipt in “Manchester-2” code. 

 reservoir identification in oil and gas wells section;
 formation near-borehole zone resistivity evaluation.

ML and MLL measuring sondes are placed on two pads, pressed to the borehole wall by a controlled arm system. А0.025М0.025N lateral microsonde and А0.05М normal microsonde are located on the ML pad. MLL measuring sonde is a three-electrode sonde. Focusing of MLL sonde current is made automatically by controlling electrode potentials of the sonde.

 Measured parameters Range Error
Apparent resistivity of lateral and normal microsondes (ρa) from 0.1 to 50 Ohm·m ±(5+7.5/ρa)%
Apparent resistivity of MLL sonde (ρa)

from 0.5 to 800 Ohm·m  at ρa not more than 1500

Borehole diameter 110÷400 mm ±(2.5+1000/dc)%

 General specifications
Tool length, mm 4700 not more than
Tool diameter, mm 90 not more than
Tool weight, kg 130 not more than
Power supply:
supply voltage, V
supply frequency, Hz
Power consumption, V·A:
in measuring mode
in drive operation mode




not more than
not more than

Drive control multiple, at the command from the surface  
Arms opening (closing) time, min 3 not more than
Borehole diameter, mm 110÷350  
Logging speed, m/hr up to 1000  
Combinability bottom  
Location in the borehole clamped